Jumaat, Januari 30, 2009


As usual... aku sangat suke nak share some poems ngan ngan korang tiap-tiap pagi. Hahah. This poem written by Rachel L. Drown. Hope pagi korang baik-baik saja eh. ;)

Morning sun creeps to my window
She peeps in softly to see
Then decides to put on such a show
She shoots brightened sparkling rays just for me
I open my eyes oh so softly
And stretch and yawn before her smile
Then dance with joy to see her so lofty
And say to my friend, see you in a while
I run outside to play with her
Her golden laughter fills the air
To catch my breath I lean against a giant fir
And sun, she softly smiles down at me with care
Now it is time for us to bid farewell
She softly slowly goes beneath the horizon
And her brother peeps out to have a time so swell
I say hello to him, reflecting his sister's light of fun
And stay a while to watch his friends shine
We sit and talk over some hot cocoa
Then I must leave for the soft bed of mine
To all sweet dreams I must wander and go
Until tomorrow when morning greets me
That beautiful smile that makes shadows flee


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